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Swix is visible on all the major ski races worldwide, with waxing and pole service.

It is very important for Swix to be present at these races. We want to contribute to mass sport and to fantastic ski experiences in citizen races all over the world. Below is a list of the largest races where Swix are present.

American Birkebeiner

- The US incarnation of the classic Norwegian Birkebeiner race. The US Birkie runs from Cable to Hayward, Wisconsin.


- The legendary Birkebeiner ski race in classic style is held annually in Norway. The 54 km course crosses two mountains from Rena to Lillehammer, and takes you through breathtaking sceneries. All participants have to carry a backpack weighing at least 3.5 kg.

Furusjøen Rundt

- An adventure in Rondane, Norway. Seeding race for the Birkebeinerrennet and Vasaloppet in splendid surroundings. Arranged since 1967.


- A ski race for people who do not have a closet full of racing ski suits and a skis to the value of a medium SUV. Real skiing pleasure for the people - made by the people!


- Haukeliseter race is one of Southern Norway's finest skiing event and is held annually in April.


- A ski race in classic style through some of the finest surroundings of Oslo, Norway. The race starts in Sørkedalen and finishes in Holmenkollen National Arena.


- Ingalåmi is the largest cross country ski race only for women in Norway. The race is part of the Birken Ski Festival, and is held in March each year.


- Jizerská padesátka is an annually cross country ski race held in the Jizera Mountains, Czech Republic. It is a 50 km race in classic style with start and finish at Bedřichov stadium.

König Ludwig Lauf 

- Long distance cross country race held every year in Oberammergau in Bavaria, Germany. In 2012, the event was organized for the 40th time and was first held in 1968.


- Cross country race held last Sunday in January each year in the province of Trento, Italy. The race is a part of FIS Marathon Cup and Ski Classics. Marcialonga takes place in classic style and is 70 km long.


- Sesilåmi is a traditional cross country ski race in southern Norway and is one of the four ski races in the South Norwegian Mountains carousel. The start is in Brokke, in the midle of Setesdal and the finish is at Sinnes school in Sirdal.


- Annual race that marks the end of the season in Norway. Both WC racers and recreational skiers participate with great enthusiasm. Starting at Finse/Haugastøl the race runs in fantastic open mountain terrain along Hallingskarvet to Ustaoset.


- Seeding race for the Birkebeinerrennet and Vasaloppet. Join the winter's adventure in Vangsåsen, Norway, and at the same time pick up better starting points for Birkebeinerrennet and Vasaloppet. Starts and finishes at Gåsbu cross-country center.

Troll Ski Marathon 

- This marathon race runs through the most magnificent mountain region we have in Norway. It runs over marshlands, through undulating birch forest and past glacial lakes. Four different races: 120k, 95k, 45k and 13k. All racers must have a backpack with extra clothes and food.

Trysil Skimaraton

- Cross country ski race in classic style in ski historic surroundings in Østby, Trysil, Norway. Here was the legendary Østby relay arranged 40 times between 1935 and 1980.


Vasaloppet is the world’s oldest, biggest and longest ski race. The first race was in 1922 and the classic 90 km stretch from Berga by in Sälen to Mora was, for a long time, the only Vasaloppet race. Today there are sixteen different races every year.