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Cera F "steht für Forschung und Fortschritt"

Am 11. Juli wurde die Patentanmeldung für ein ganz spezielles weißes Pulver eingereicht.

Es ist Professor Gambarette von der Universität Padua in Italien zu verdanken, der durch seine Arbeiten und Studien im Bereich der Synthese fluorierter Verbindungen zu diesem revolutionären Pulver kam. Gambarette arbeitete mit dem Chemieunternehmen Rimar zusammen, das im selben Jahr vom italienischen Ölkonzern Enichem übernommen wurde, welches ein Patent an diesem Pulver mit seinen hervorragenden reibungsmindernden Eigenschaften anmelden wollte. 



The development of this powder to ski wax was expensive, and the product price was likewise. Despite the fact that the skiers who tested the power not experienced continued success as the Italian cross country team saw the potential already in 1985 Swix was not long after offered exclusivity to the development, sale and distribution of the powder. Through this work they had perfected the product, and already two years later came the launch of the new glider system Cera F.

The launch of Cera F could not have come at a better time, following closely after the introduction of skating in cross country which created demand for more professional and better wax products. Further development of the product resulted in Cera Nova, a product that  enhanced Swix outstanding position on the market. In retrospect, this has proven to be one of Swix's greatest wax successes ever, and since the mid-90s, they have been the world leader in ski wax also for all skiers.

Swix has still not rested, pushing research and development of new and improved applications and products. The technology behind Swix Cera F and work on this has led to a number of new products with fluorine and hydrocarbons, wax and resin. Fabric's unique ability gave better glide than before, while it led to less icing and more glide. At the same time require tests in wax in alpine a good deal more resources and time than cross country skiing. In addition, this process is more risky. Tracks must be shut off, test riders must copy the elite skiers in a better way and on identical equipment. Margins are small and hence also any differences difficult to detect.


To ensure a good and efficient process with this cooperating Swix maintains an international team with several major ski manufacturers in the world. The late, America Rob Kiesel and Slovenian Mitja Zupan has conducted many of the complicated tests in cooperation with the Swix. In this way, quality has been assured and Swix has held onto its position as a world leader in terms of new product development.